Application Decision Deadlines for MEng/DEng Programs

If admitted, please accept or deny the offer of admission by May 15 for the Fall term, March 4 for Spring/Summer, and November 8 for Winter term.  If your program has unique deadlines, please refer to your letter from the department or follow the unique program deadlines below.

If you are an international student offered admission to study on campus, please be sure to submit your documents for your I-20 request as soon as possible, but no later than the term decision deadlines listed above.

Unique Program Deadlines:

Integrative Systems + Design
Please visit ISD’s website for their unique application round deadlines.  Depending on which application cycle a student chooses, a later application round may impact when admitted students need to provide admission decisions and will be accommodated.  

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Please note that ECE does not admit for Winter semesters. Refer to your offer letter from ECE for your unique deadlines.

Advanced Medical Product Engineering and Development
Please note that AMPED only admits for Fall semester. Refer to your offer letter from AMPED for your unique deadlines.

 MEng/DEng General Application Information

Please note that you should visit each departmental website for the most up to date information about specific requirements for the program you are applying to.

Step 1: Prepare Your Application Materials

Applicants are required to upload the following supporting documents to the Online Application System.

Transcripts or/and Graduate Certificate
  • All applicants must upload a copy, front and back, of their official transcript/academic record issued by the Registrar or Records Office to the applicant, to ApplyWeb for each bachelor’s, master’s, professional, or doctoral degree earned or in progress. The copy of the official transcript is used for initial review by the graduate program faculty.
  • A downloaded transcript from your school portal or system is an unofficial transcript and not acceptable for review.
  • If you are attending or have graduated from a Non-U.S. institution, review the Required Academic Credentials from Non-U.S. Institutions for requirements by country.
  • If your academic credentials are in a language other than English, you must submit both the original document and a certified English translation.  
  • **Please note: Once you are offered admission, an official transcript sent directly from the registrar’s office at your current or previous institution must be submitted to The University of Michigan. If you are an M.Eng. or D.Eng. student, please submit your official transcripts based on the following information. Please do NOT send your official transcripts to the Rackham admission office.
  • To learn more about the specifics of official transcript submission, please visit Michigan Engineering Official Transcript Information.

Please send electronic or physical official transcripts to:

Email: [email protected]
Michigan Engineering
Office of Student Affairs, 145A Chrysler Center
2121 Bonisteel Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2092

Scholaro GPA Recalculation Report (For All Non-U.S. Institutions Attended)

Calculate a self-reported estimated GPA for all non-U.S. institutions attended. The self-reported estimated GPA you enter on the ApplyWeb application must match the GPA on the Scholaro report.

  1. Follow the GPA calculation instructions to convert your international average grade point to a U.S. 4.0 scale using the Scholaro GPA Calculator.
    • Applicants must select the same grading scale indicated on their transcript to calculate their estimated U.S. GPA.
    • The uploaded Scholaro report will be audited against the uploaded transcripts.
    • Omission of grades or failure to use the correct grading scale when completing the Scholaro report may lead to the reversal of an offer of admission.
  2. Enter all your courses, credits/hours, and grades in the same order as they appear on your transcripts into the Scholaro GPA Calculator. Do not omit any grades or courses.
  3. All applicants who attended non-U.S. institutions must upload both the Scholaro GPA report and a copy of their official transcript for each degree completed or in progress.
  4. If your institution does not award grades or your grades are not yet awarded, enter 0.0 as your GPA. A Scholaro GPA report is not required from those with no grades.
  5. Select “United States” and complete the Scholaro report using the United States 4.0 scale if the following is true about your transcript:
    • It is from a non-U.S. institution
    • The scale for the institution is a 4.0/4.3
    • The 4.0/4.3 scale is not listed as an option for your country in Scholaro
  6. If you are unable to find your institution’s scale for your country, please contact Scholaro GPA Help for assistance.
Required Academic Credentials from Non-U.S. Institutions

The assessment of a degree from an international institution is based upon the characteristics of a national system of education, the type of institution, the accreditation/recognition, the level of study, and number of years of post-secondary study. If you attended a non-U.S institution, please check the Required Academic Credentials to prepare your application. If you receive our admission letter and subsequently accept it, please submit the required official documents as listed.

The College of Engineering will evaluate uploaded academic credentials to determine the U.S. degree equivalency and estimated U.S. grade point average.

The College of Engineering reserves the right to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the educational documents submitted.

Academic Statement of Purpose, Personal Statement, and Resume
  • An Academic Statement of Purpose, Personal Statement, and resume are required with each application.
  • The Academic Statement should be a concise, well‐written essay about your background, your career goals, and how Michigan Engineering graduate programs will help you attain your career and educational objectives. The Academic Statement of Purpose should be submitted as an attachment to the online application.
  • The Personal Statement should describe how your background and life experiences, including cultural, geographical, financial, educational, or other opportunities were either especially plentiful or lacking.
  • Non-Candidate-for-Degree (NCFD) Applicants do not need to submit recommendations, an Academic Statement of Purpose, or a Resume/CV.
GRE Scores
  • Recommended but not required for Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) programs
  • Not required for Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering (CLaSP) programs
  • Recommended but not required for Civil and Environmental Engineering programs
  • Required from those graduating from an international institution for their undergraduate degree; Accepted but not required for those graduating from a US institution for their undergraduate degree for ECE programs.

Information about the GRE including test dates and locations can be found at: Please contact ETS ( to have an official score report sent to the University of Michigan (Institution Code 1839). GRE scores are valid for five years from the test date. They are required if you are applying for financial aid.

Letters of Recommendation

Please use the recommendation system of the online application. If your recommender needs to send a letter of recommendation by postal service or email, follow the instructions on the recommendation page of the application.

English Proficiency

Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency. Applicants are required to provide an official score report from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or the Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE). Applicants may also choose to submit scores from the Michigan English Test (MET). Language test scores are valid two years from the test date. We don’t accept combination scores.

**Please note: Early Registration can maximize the chances of scheduling preferred test dates and times. Please use your legal name as stated on your passport or birth certificate when registering for your exams and when completing the online application, to prevent a delay in matching your test scores to your application. If you have previously attended the university, make sure that your information also matches with Ann Arbor campus records.

The following are the minimum requirements for admission consideration:

  • a total score of 560 on the Paper/Pencil TOEFL
  • a total score of 84 on the Internet‐Based TOEFL
  • a total score of 6.5 on the IELTS
  • a minimum score of 59 on the MET

TOEFL and IELTS scores are sent electronically directly to the University of Michigan (Institution Code: 1839). MET scores will be automatically sent to the College of Engineering. The official scores must be received from the testing agency no later than the graduate program application deadline.

English Proficiency Exemptions

You qualify for an exemption from taking an English proficiency examination if one of the following criteria are met and you get approval from your program:

  • You are a native speaker of English.
  • You are an applicant from Puerto Rico.
  • You completed all of your undergraduate education and earned an undergraduate degree at an institution where the language of instruction is English only. Undergraduate degree requirements must be completed before the start of classes at U-M.
  • You completed all of your graduate education and earned a graduate degree at an institution where the language of instruction is English only. Graduate degree requirements must be completed before the start of classes at U-M.
  • You are a current U-M student.

Does not meet an English proficiency exemption:

  • A one year graduate degree.
  • If you completed a Master’s degree that was strictly research and no academic classes. This type of Master’s degree is generally awarded at a non-U.S. institution.

Applicants self-assess if they qualify for an English exception at the time of application. Applicants that are recommended for admission will have their files reviewed and will be notified if they do not meet an exception.

Applicants are required to upload the front and back of their transcript. Most universities indicate the language of the institution on the back of the transcript. If it is not indicated on the transcript, applicants can submit a letter from the Registrar’s Office, or equivalent, on university letterhead confirming the language of instruction. When applying, please upload documents confirming the language of instruction along with your transcript document(s).

Examples of meeting the English Proficiency Exemption criteria:

  • You completed the last three years of your undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan, and in addition, earned a Master’s degree that was one and one-half years in duration at the University of London.
  • You completed the last two years of your undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne, and in addition, earned a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan.

An example of not meeting the English Proficiency Exemption criteria:

  • You completed two years of an undergraduate degree program at an overseas institution where the medium of instruction is a language other than English. You then transferred to an institution where all classes are taught exclusively in English and earned a degree from that institution.
Step 2: Submit Online Application

Submit an online application before the deadlines and settle the application fee. If you have any issues when submitting the application, please contact [email protected].

Step 3: Check Your Application Decision

Michigan Engineering departments administer the application process for several departments and programs that offer graduate degrees.

Application deadlines vary by department. The length of time it takes for a program to review an application depends on program procedures. Some programs review applications on a rolling basis as application files become complete; other programs review applications on a scheduled basis.

Applicants will be notified by email of the admissions decision by Michigan Engineering Graduate Admissions. The application status may also be available on the web for students to view, and to indicate their decision to accept or decline the admissions offer.

Step 4: Accepting Your Offer

If admitted, please accept or deny the offer of admission by May 15 for the Fall term, March 1 for Spring/Summer, and November 9 for Winter term. Accept your admission offer online through Wolverine Access. If you are admitted by more than one program, you can only choose to study one program. 

Important Information
  1. Use your legal name as stated on your passport or birth certificate when registering for your tests and when completing the online application to avoid delays in matching your test scores to your application.
  2. Uploaded copies of supporting documents must be complete, legible and without any masked information. Only scanned copies are accepted, documents taken by phone/camera are NOT accepted.
  3. Before final submission of this application, please check your application for mistakes, the submission is final. We do not correct typos, update documents (ie, resumes, published papers, certificates, etc.) and the term and programs of the application cannot be changed after the application is submitted.
  4. Non-refundable Application Fee. The fee for United States citizens and those with Permanent Resident status is $75 (U.S. funds). The fee for non‐U.S. citizens is $90 (U.S. funds). The application fee is paid online, by credit card, before the application is submitted.
  5. All documents submitted will not be returned. If the application is unsuccessful, all documents will be destroyed. Applicants are required to provide true, accurate and complete information in support of their applications. Any misrepresentation in the documents and information provided will result in disqualification of their applications and subsequent enrolments in the University.
Tuition Information

Please find the newest tuition information on the Office of the Registrar website. For international on-campus students, please find information about financial certification and the I-20 on the immigration information website.